How To Thrive – Illawarra Workshops November

Do you want to Thrive….. Not Just Survive in 2014?


As you look back on 2013 are you 100% satisfied with:

What you achieved?

The experiences you had?

The time you spent with the people that matter?

Have you …

  • Allowed the year to slip by, getting the results you are looking for?
  • Settled for average even though you know it does not make you happy or fulfilled?
  • Had an amazing 2013 and know that you can’t leave 2014 up to chance?


If you are ready to Thrive in 2014, now is the time to start…..


At How To Thrive …. Not Survive in 2014 we will show you how to create a vision, empower you with a simple plan to achieve it and provide you with the ingredients for a mindset for your success.

Whether you are looking for solutions to create an outstanding year at work, improvements in your health or to revitalise your relationships, this workshop is for you.

At this empowering event you will:

  • Discover why New Year’s resolutions don’t work
  • Learn the secrets to creating lasting change in your life
  • Discover the 7 Keys to achieving your goals
  • Design an extraordinary year that excites and motivates you
  • Explore the Power of your mind and how your thinking will get you the results you want.

You will be given the keys to … motivate, challenge and empower you to achieve!

14th November, Wollongong     Book Now!

21st November, Shellharbour    Book Now!

28th November, Nowra                Book Now!